Feb. 18th, 2017

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Lois Martin "The History of Witchcraft" (Pocket Essentials)

Lois Martin's short book hits all the high points in the history of witchcraft as Westerners typically understand it. A well-researched and documented account, THE HISTORY OF WITCHCRAFT is a valuable resource for those looking for a quick read about the legalistic approach to heresy and witchcraft. Martin does not address any modern pagan movement, besides a brief mention of both Margaret Murray and Charles Leland, but rather sticks to the facts as history has shown them.

If the reader has any interest in witch trials, witch-hunting, or the so-called Witch Craze of a few hundred years ago, Martin's book is a great introductory place to start. Her chapter in which she lists her resources in some depth should appeal to the student or researcher. My only criticism is that she seems to address some trials twice, which can be confusing if one is reading straight through rather than picking individual chapters.

The book doesn't say anywhere that witchcraft is evil. Its purpose is not to pass judgement on the subject matter, but to educate and inform, and it succeeds brilliantly.


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