Mar. 2nd, 2017

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Paolo Sorrentino "Youth" (MacLehose Press)

Paolo Sorrentino is a novelist and film director. He has writes books, with great success in Italy and less elsewhere.I found this paperback in Waterstones in a sale bin for a pound.

Youth takes place in a spa or wellness hotel in the Alps, a resort for the wealthy, with a daily medical check-up, sauna and fitness. Main Characters are octogenarians Fred and Mick, respectively, a retired composer and film director working on his latest film. Furthermore, the microcosm consists of a Hollywood star, an obese South American ex-football player and a bizarre German couple. The characters turn a bit around each other without causing more than ripples in the pool. That's the way things are towards the end of this non-film script novelisation and hence meanders aimlessly , almost without plot, with occasional comical, and almost absurd scenes.

Whether the film is better than the book, i do not know so i will have to check out the film out which, incidentally , has top actors like Michael Cain , Rachel Weiss and Harvey Keitel.


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