Mar. 9th, 2017

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Malcolm Gaskill "Witchcraft : A Very Short Introduction" (Oxford University Press)

This provides an informative introduction to the history of withcraft throughout the ages, though mostly focusing on persecutions, right up to modern times including the abuse of child witches in modern-day Nigeria recently featured in documentaries. It seems to take an unbiased view, and references many studies which investigate witchcraft and the circumstances under which accusations arose, including political and cultural.

An interesting introduction that opens up several avenues for investigating further.

He also wrote this book some time ago,and i have in my collection , yet to read of course.

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Steve Stack "21 st Century Dodos : A Collection of Endangered Objects (and Other Stuff)" (The Friday Project Ltd.)

f you remember sliding your home made mix cassette tape, recorded in silence from the Radio Top 40, into your Walkman and strapping your calculator watch to your wrist before disappearing to play unsupervised in the local park until dinner time, then the nostalgic appeal 21st Century Dodos will be a source of nostalgic appeal.

Subtitled “A collection of endangered objects (and other stuff)” this is a light and humorous tribute to the end of an era. At just forty it seems almost obscene that so much of my childhood is now obsolete – rotary phones, Polaroid cameras, 10c mixed lolly bags (Cobbers were my favourite), school blackboards and roller skates but I enjoyed the reminder of these simple pleasures, and treasures.

A trip to the past is a welcome diversion and if you like doing that then this book is for you. 



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