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Ding dong bells.Latest TPN Buffy Guide now on You Tune so here is his summation of the first episode.

The Freshman • S04E01 • TPN's Buffy Guide

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If Ebay has this i want one.

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One for the hankies etc. - another TPN entry.

Buffy Guide Outtake - The Last Dance

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tara maclaytara maclayrose mcgowan charmed witches alyssa milano piper halliwellwitch charmed powers prue halliwell pruecharmed piper halliwellcharmed piper halliwellcharmed piper halliwell

What supernatural power would you have and why?
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And now for the final denouement - the climax if you will of season 3 of BtVS.

Buffy Guide: Graduation Day Part 1 S03E21

Buffy Guide: Graduation Day Part 2 S03E22

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I just love this episode. To be recognised by your peers whilst trying not to be in the limelight is so touching. Anyway here is the anaysis of episode 20.

Buffy Guide: The Prom S03E20

I still well up when she receives her recognition at the Prom.
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Season 3 is one of my favourite Buffy seasons , so here is TPN's analysis if episode 19.

Buffy Guide: Choices S03E19

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For some reason i am not getting email updates on the Passion Of The Nerd web reviews of BtVS. Infact, i had thought he had to give up these inciteful reviews of his - but no thankfully -so i am doing a catch up , and he has now dealt with Season 3. I look forward to his analysis of Season 4.

So here is the TPN revue of ep.18

Buffy Guide: Earshot S03E18

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This always kills me lol!
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Will we see a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot? Sarah Michelle Gellar weighs in


Sarah Michelle Gellar drops hints about Cruel Intentions reboot — and a possible Buffy one?
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Thinking of that last book (Man's Search For |eaning) and existentialism in general and the choices we make, to be authentic to ourselves, and not have "bad faith"  reminds me of this great TPN review of Buffy Season 2 "Lie To Me".

Good night.
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The latest Bufy Season 3 review is here - been awhile since the last.

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Yes, the latest Buffy review from TON -

Note - Snyder appeared as a wizard in Season 4 of Charmed.

We're Off to See the Wizard
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The latest TPN guide to Buffy on Season 3.

Awesome review as always.
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Buffy you are still my hot cookie -

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Latest Buffy episode guide now on You Tube form TPN -

Awesome season.
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Just watched the three episodes of Buffy where dank Willow kills Warren and then proceeds to get the other two and then taking the mojo that Giles was imbued with tries to end the world with Xabder becoming the hero and stops her with his unflinching love and friendship. Awesome.

Also, this was quite a fascinating read.

32 Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


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The Passion Of The Nerd has posted two vids on You Tube, the first of which is a kind of selfie.

This video isn't great and that's OKAY

Big bad of Season 6 of Buffy has to those Nerds and in particular Warren. He killed Tara, and almost Buffy too. I felt for Willow's pain. Wells me up every time i watch. In the end, with the death of Tara and Willow bingeing on the dark forces she becomes the big bad until the metaphorical heart of the gang that is Xander stops her from destroying the world.

Buffy Episode Guide: The Zeppo S3E13

Man, i do love his reviews. Enjoy.


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