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It had been a dull rainy day despite being quite mild.I have been to Dover to somy cafe mystery shop visit at a supermarket. I had gammon egg and mashed potato for my lunch.

I am currently in Deal having just done a charity shop visit abd enjoying a beer in the local ' Spoons pub here.

I also picked up some pipe tobacco in Faversham this morning. So i'm good.

I also picked up the latest Wire magazine as it has a sampler CD attached to it plus a feature on Shirley Collins.

Her new album comes out today.
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Hello dear readers.
Just a quick note.

Breakfast was brilliant. Three cups of coffee, as i needed it, crunchy nut cornflakes with milk, two eggs,two sausages, three slices of bacon , beans mushrooms and a black pudding! No toast this time.

I am in Birchington On Sea about to do the refund part of a mystery shop at a charity store.

That is all for today.
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Well i have done two of the three vista,a charity shop visit in Folkstone - which was a purchase and refund after thirty minutes - and then a mobile phone shop in Dover. It is too late to do Birchimgton so i shall do that tomorrow after the free breakfast.

However, i found these for fifty pence today in a chazzer in Dover.

Have not decided what to have for dinner as yet.
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The morning was spent listening to the radio and reading - waiting for the free lunch midday.

I also had some money unexpectedly come in from one of my research companies.This bode well for the day ahead.

Lunch was either macaroni cheese or pasta with meatballs.I had a bit of both and it was followed by a very tasty apple crumble and custard.

Then in the afternoon i took a train over to Rochester to do a charity shop visit. O purchased a winter pullover and a book.

I then popped into 'Spoons for a few beers and tried three other beers from their current festival.

Woodfords Norfolk Bowman (5.0 % ABV)
Adnams Sloe Porter (5.0 % ABV)
Trunan's Sampson Strong (5.8 % ABV)

They are also doing these Halloween based cocktails - if you are into that sort of thing - i am not.

I also took some more pics around the town.

The museum was not open but there was a very interesting installation in the art gallery, called Occupation - works by Steve Mace. Link here -


The Eagle Inn have great live jazz on Sundays ,so i might just visit that establishment one weekend.

The final pic was taken on the train leaving Rochester heading Chatham way.

An enjoyable day indeed.


Sep. 14th, 2016 11:10 am
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A new charity shop will be opening soon here in the Bourne. I noticed the racks of vinyl and popped in. The staff there said that they are not open yet but will be open in a few weeks time. She allowed me to have a quick look at them - they have racks of CD's too - and we were chatting away whilst i flicked through them. She then mentioned that they have not been sorted or categorised into genres and i mentioned my awesome musical knowledge and said that i was a DJ to boot, and would be interested in helping out as a volunteer. I noticed one LP by Dorothy Moore which i have sold before. This one from 1978 -


The charity shopis called RPM or Reaching People Through Music , but RPM also means Revolutions per minute.
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Longish day with four visits done in Ashford, Tenterden, Tunbridge Wells and Strood. Two of the visits were double hits at a charity shop , hence i have a few books to devour at some point. An ideal way of reading a book is suggested below - thanks Phil!

I also picked up a wool jacket from Barnados in Ashford for 99 pence! And it is a Marks and Spenser's one too!

The weather started dull , overcast and windy but by the afternoon the sun had come out making it a milder , yet pleasant day, overall.

Tomorrow i have a pub visit in Canterbury

I also posted a photo art book to [livejournal.com profile] pigshitpoet on Man Ray, which he paid for already. This was also found in Ashford.

So, after getting back home, and  having a quick shower,  i am relaxing with beer at the pub.
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Quite a busy day - weather was fine and sunny but early evening was real cold. I popped over to Medway to do a couple of supermarket visits in Pier Road , Gillingham , add Maidstone Road in Chatham - it is the company with the bum slapping ads and are part of the conglomerate that is WalMart. I then went down to Headcorn for a factory shop outlet visit but then it was it was too cold to nip over to Sheerness.

Found some great books cheap though. No more than a quid each and much cheaper from a charity shop visit in headcorn as well.

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Well folks, i arrived back in Whitstable this morning just after nine and when i arrived at the said charity shop in absentia they had already sold the Dr.Who box set. The woman who was there yesterday whom i incidentally gave the wrong bag ws not here this morning , and i think t was the manager, and i was furious - i laid it into her metaphorically speaking. I noticed the bag in the back room and asked her to have a look for the box set but to no avail, she gave me the empty bag and ny receipt for the purchase of the box set was still in there - okay i only paid £2.60 as the rest of the seven quid was done in an exchange.

I went to the Canterbury lost property department at the bus station but nobody had given in the tin of pipe tobacco so that is another three quid down the drain too! I bought some loose stuff later in Faversham to compensate - my fave coconut flavour tobacco.

In Canterbury i did two visits , an outdoor clothing store pretending to look for a rucksack and a pharmacy visit about hay fever remedies.

I found the following CD's for a quid each on a charity shop whilst walking around Canterbury.

You could call this ambient jazz.

Another cool jazz album

Plus this classical collection of songs and arias.

Best weather yet. Rellay nice and warm and i spent a good hour and a half in Faversham sunbathing at my favourite spot before going home. Now listening to that Jon Hassell CD.
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Yesterday was a really long day - did not arrive back home till eleven last night - so today i am taking the day off. Listening to the radio , Radio 4 to be exact, and it is Woman's \hour, a celebration of bouncy - i mean Beyoncé. Not my fave artist but i do like this -

Beyoncé - Irreplaceable.

Anyway, in Hastings, i had an all day big breakfast at the supermarket cafe, did my visit to the jewelers, and then found these in a charity shop.

I then took the bus to Eastbourne to do another charity shop visit , which was a purchase and refund scenario. Whilst in Eastbourne i found this double DVD set for a quid!


These are the two films with music by Philip Glass, hence my music post last night. I also found this superb African folk album for a quid.

Souad Massi - Khalouni (Let me)

I then caught the bus to Tunbridge Wells and had a couple of beers at the Opera House pub. I then caught the train up to Strood and back home.

I might just pop over to Faversham to sell some books. Otherwise i am bit brassic till Friday.

Meanwhile a couple of pics from yesterday and the first answer a question that [livejournal.com profile] thespian15 asked. It was covered over ast time with a red hauling.

This one is of Eastbounre pier. I love the luminous forboding clouds behind it.

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Left the village at around eight thirty this morning. I had three visits to do in Hastings and Eastbourne, but first i needed to stop in Faversham for some pipe tobacco.

I had a couple of chatty shops, a supermarket cafe, and a jewelers to covertly visit. So at the moment i ma in Tunbridge Wells having a much needed pint of beer at The Bedford before i continue my journey home.

Book Finds

Apr. 23rd, 2016 07:04 pm
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A visit to Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone - and all charity shops. Picked up a DVD set of the first season of The Vampire Diaries for two quid.

The rest were all books today -

Bloody cold weather today despite some sunshine.
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Had a great sleep bit now reports t do from yesterday, well one of them already completed anyway. It looks very bright an sunny out there from my window. Just hope the weather remains the same for Monday.

Meanwhile, i shall be listening to this box set i found in a charity shop for £1.49 - yep all seven CD's of it.

Here is the famous Serenade No. 13 - "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" in G Major, KV525 - 1st Movement "Allegro"

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The weather was the warmest so far. I rode over to Ramsgate to do a couple of mystery shops, one being a phone shop and the other a charity shop.

I snapped some pics as well.

More pics )

From the charity shop i got some CD's and some books. The charity shop had loads of DC comics and Marvel comics as well as graphic novels.

Bryn Christopher - My World (Polydor)
Reggie Watts - Simplified (Freestyle Records)

The books are -

Another good hunting day.
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It turned out to be warmer than expected. I was in the mood for my optimism to be occluded but , whether by good fortune or happenstance, it was a fine journey to the next local town known as Faversham. I sold some records and some books for a small sum of eleven quid - nothing to shout out about, but better sold now than having to wait later.

One of the charity shops were doing a ten pence day on all books so i succumbed as usual.

Got these -

Book Finds

Mar. 10th, 2016 10:18 pm
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Today i went over to Bluewater to do a tech shop visit after a short trip to Faversham to sell some books. I also did a mystery shop in Sittingbourne at a charity shop and came out with yet more books.

The weather was much warmer than yesterday as well.

I found these today -

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I finally did this Whitstable purchase and refund visit at a charity shop today, and whilst waiting the thirty minutes to return the item, i popped into this micro pub for a half of Dark Star Rock Star Ale.

Oh, and today felt more like spring than any other day so far. It was quite a pleasant day.
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A charity shop visit to Faversham today. Piked up a few books from the covert shop.

I found these -

Plus some nice  photos from [livejournal.com profile] cmcmck

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I had a round robin trip through Knet on Stursay. Going first to Faversham to get some pipe tobacco and then Ashford for a fashion store visit, next Tenterden for a charity shop visit and a factory store visit ending up in Headcorn for the final visit of the day.

I did manage to find some interesting books though.

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Yhese are recent finds from charity shop visits.

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Forgot to bring the camera today, and in fact did not need it for the two visits i did today. I had a charity shop visit in Faversham, and so picked up some more coconut flavoured pipe tobacco. Then down to Tenterden to a retail shop visit.

I found these in the charity shop.

Nice finds indeed!


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