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A studio pic from the episode in which the Charmed ones had to defeat the Titans.
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I love them and the show

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tara maclaytara maclayrose mcgowan charmed witches alyssa milano piper halliwellwitch charmed powers prue halliwell pruecharmed piper halliwellcharmed piper halliwellcharmed piper halliwell

What supernatural power would you have and why?
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september 23 2015 wiccan moonsongrose mcgowan charmed witches alyssa milano piper halliwell

This was the episode when Wyatt conjured a dragon from a TV show.

What, if you had the power, what would you conjure?

18 Years

Oct. 8th, 2016 09:04 pm
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rose mcgowan charmed paige matthews charmededitcharmed phoebe alyssa milano season2charmed prue

rose mcgowan charmed paige matthewscharmed alyssa milanofilm rose mcgowan charmed red hairrose mcgowan charmed paige matthewsrose mcgowan charmed witches alyssa milano piper halliwellcharmed goddess piper paigecharmed prue halliwell penelopetrudeau charmed-again andy trudeaucharmed paige matthews piper halliwell phoebe halliwell p3

Yes,it is now 18 years since Charmed first aired.
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Just a selection of gifs i found for Charmed plus a newish photo of Holly.

charmed prue halliwell

rose mcgowan charmed alyssa milano paige matthews phoebe halliwellrose mcgowan charmed alyssa milano paige matthews phoebe halliwellrose mcgowan charmed alyssa milano paige matthews phoebe halliwellrose mcgowan charmed alyssa milano paige matthews phoebe halliwellalyssa milano rose mcgowan charmed paige matthews phoebe halliwell
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Ooh , those pesky trolls.

While Piper worries that Leo will never return, Prue and Phoebe try to save a little girl named Kate and a Fairy Princess named Thistle from evil trolls who lurk in the "tweens" and want to capture the princess. When Prue and Phoebe need Piper's help, her concern with Leo causes a spell to backfire, placing Kate in more danger. Meanwhile, Cole, who appears in his demonic form Belthazor, tries to steal the Book of Shadows.
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Talking of Charmed - i have been watching series four in which Phoebe becomes the Queen Of The Underworld.

rose mcgowan charmed paige matthews alyssa milano phoebe halliwell

"Screw the power of three"

Image result for charmed phoebe queen of underworld gif

Image result for charmed phoebe queen of underworld gif
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Oh this is fascinating for devotees of Charmed.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Charmed


For example,The Book of Shadows is actually almost entirely hand painted and Alyssa Milano liked the pictures so much that she commissioned the same artist to paint murals on her own walls at home.

Source: Warner Bros.


Aug. 28th, 2016 01:25 am
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One of my fave Charmed episodes -

Something Wicca This Way Goes

The final ep of season 7 when they defeat Zankou

Sisters Astral Projecting

Zankou Being Vanquished

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Ha, i watched this episode last night.

Do you remember it?
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This is an awesome fanfic vid of what a possible trailer for a Charmed film would be.

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On my this is the best plea ever for telling the CBS guys to give Charmed fans what they want, not a reboot but a new one with the original cast like the X Files.

Charmed Again; Reunion Project

This video got me a little emotional, actually quite emotional, okay , VERY emotional!

Personally a series rather than a movie for me,

It is now exactly ten years since the last episode aired.

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My fave Charmed moment from the last season -

Paige Tells Henry She's a Witch

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I've often wondered whether it was the house of the Halliwell's really exists. And yes, the house is there, really, it's not a fake.The house is in the well-known Victorian street in Los Angeles of Carroll Avenue.All the scenes inside the house were in corresponding replicas filmed in the studio.

Every now and then, there have been some scenes shot in the real manor! The house has been from the company Spelling Television purchased!
In the TV series the house of the Halliwell's is in the Prescott Street, San Francisco. In reality, the house is in 1329 Carroll Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026. The house is called "Innes house" and it was lived in by Daniel Innes, one of the first aldermen Los Angeles built in 1887-88!
Also interesting are the old black and white photographs of the Manor.
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Some favouirte Charmed moments.


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