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If anybody is fed up with the referendum of us staying in or doing the Brexit route, going out of the European community , here is a comedic rejoinder.

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Kirsty Young is the current presenter of Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 , and one of her guests who selected their eight records for the castaway island was Tom Hanks - link here.


Meanwhile, this is just an wxcuse to dhow another episode of Have I Got News For You.

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Kirsty young is one of my fave voices on the radio. Something about her makes me swoon , and all gaga, when i hear her voice and that may be due to her Scottish lilt., plus being bery attractive. So here she is hosting an epsilon of HIGNFY.

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Top notch classic comedy news prog from the Beeb with Ross Noble,and Jimmy Carr.

Have I Got News Foe You S26E04 Jimmy Carr, Ross Noble & Ian McKellen

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With that new Ab Film coming here is a classic episode if the TV series.

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Nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] daasgrrl

A line in Hamlet

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Classic Brit comedy inspired by a post by [livejournal.com profile] spikesgirl58.

Are You Being Served Season 3 Episode 9 Christmas Crackers

A clip from Fawlty Towers -
I Want My Sausages!

Yes Minister S02E02 Doing the Honours

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Natalie Haynes, writer and critic, gives a talk entitled "The Ancient Guide to Modern Life" at Emory University (January 22, 2014). Talking bout Aristophanes and the sex strikes in his play The Clouds.

His powers of ridicule were feared and acknowledged by influential contemporaries; Plato singled out Aristophanes' play The Clouds as slander that contributed to the trial and subsequent condemning to death of Socrates although other satirical playwrights had also caricatured the philosopher.
His second play, The Babylonians (now lost), was denounced by the demagogue Cleon as a slander against the Athenian polis. It is possible that the case was argued in court but details of the trial are not recorded and Aristophanes caricatured Cleon mercilessly in his subsequent plays, especially The Knights, the first of many plays that he directed himself. "In my opinion," he says through the Chorus in that play, "the author-director of comedies has the hardest job of all."

LOL! Funny and informative.
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Through the eyes of "the angriest man in the ancient world," the satirist Juvenal, comedian and classicist Natalie Haynes reveals how the search for the meaning of life has stood the test of time.

Natalie is a reformed comedian who is a little bit obsessive about Ancient Greece and Rome.

Funny and informative.
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Talking of the Flash reminded me of this clip from The Big Bang Theory.

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I have this Jasper Carrot LP to listen to, meanwhile some more of his funniest clips here.

Scunthorpe Baths

Mother in law's driving

Plus more -

ROFL!! Enjoy
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Still on a Star Trek theme here is a great montage of trekkie references from The Big Bang Theory.

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I think we need some more Victor Meldrew.

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Just been listening to this on BBC Radio 4 -


And talking of classic complainers here is the best of Vicotr Meldrew - "One Foot In The Grave"

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Thinking of the Welsh language whilst commenting on another LJ post, i remembered this sketch from Monty Python.

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Monty Python often touched on philosophy in many funny ways. Here is an article about the=at comedy series and its philosophy.


The Philosophical football sketch.

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Classic Comic Relief sketch with Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor.


LOL !!
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Go for it Hill, tell the F***ing what for about disabilty and the cuts.

Adam Hills' 'The Last Leg' Rant About UK Politicians Is Utterly Brutal


The Huffington Post called it brutal, but then truth is brutal, and he was using the screw term metaphorically to mean that the government is going way to far in its demonization of the underclass, the poor,and the disabled , and yet people are shocked and disgusted by paedophiles, yet be blasé about child poverty.

Absolutely F***k Them!
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James Corden , who use to be in the comedy series Gavin & Stacey, which i must admit i did not like, and appeared in a Doctor Who episode "The Lodger", is now the host on The Late Late Show - here is a funny clip of him with Jennifer Hudson from the show in Carpool Karaoke.

I just found it so amusing.


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