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O have just finished my second and last visit of the day , so nothing till at least the third day of the New Year.

I had the succulent lamb shank with mash , roasted suede swede and carrots in a rosemary sauce gravy. Washed down with a Blue Moon craft ale and a pint of Kelham Island Pale Rider (5.2 % ABV)

Pale Rider

Now , back to the Bourne.


Dec. 25th, 2016 07:49 pm
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Turkey crown,pigs in blankets,roasted chestnuts, roast potatoes, carrots,and so on made a great Xmas dinner lunch. We started with a couple of rum and cokes, wine for lunch and after a few malt whiskies and coffee Poor old Ros was not up to anything eating wise and bro struggled a bit leaving me to finish the rest.

I am now completely stuffed and full. We watched an episode og=f the alumni version of University Challenge which had the stemmed novelist Val Mc Dermid on one of the teems. Their team won by a landslide.

Xmas gifts were a new jumper,a pair of headphones, and two books.

These were -

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Today was the monthly lunch club in Brighton. Phil picked me up at ten this morning and we arrived about fifteen minutes before midday. We started at The Evenig Star pub before walking down to  Cafe Rouge.

Phil tried the excellent Winter Solstice

I lneckd down a dark chocolate stout. Delicious rich flavours to it.

At Cafe Rouge everyone had steak of some sort. I , with my bro, had the succulent and very juicy 7 oz. fillet done medium rare.We had nibbles to start with , two bottles of the house red, and then a cheese board with coffee afterwards.

Inside Cafe Rouge - tippy tapping on mobile devices except for Graeme.

Outside Cafe Rouge - after the meal - taken by my brother. Yep,Mike gave me four books hence the blue bag.

We then finished at The Mesmerist across the road from Cafe Rouge and had Talisker whiskies.

A very enjoyable day!
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I am currently in Canterbury having dome a cafe visit in side a supermarket I had their newly introduced lamb shank in mint favoured gravy, mashed potatoes and peas. Very delicious!

I am currently having a pint in Spoons doing my report befire i walk around the city for any inspiration with the camera.
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A couple of visits today here in the town. One done already and I will do the second after the free lunch today at the Quays.

And talking of free meals - yesterday in Ashford after doing the five visits I went to Spoons for a meal. I ordered the naked burrito with extra Angus beef shavings. After I paid for the meal and drink the manager came along to ,my table to say they had run out of the shavings and what other extra would I like instead, so I said "the five bean chili", which he said was a bit cheaper and that he would give me back the difference. He did this quite promptly. Anyway , the food comes ten minutes later but the order is wrong. The burrito is a wrapped version, not naked, so I sent it back. This time the manager comes out again with the correct order and my full money back for the inconvenience. The beer and meal in the end did not cost me a penny! What a result!
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Two supermarket audits done, Herne Bay and Margate ,p;us some free food from the M shops. Then this evening in Rochester i was having a steak and two eggs meal with chips.

A good day for covert shops. I need that pink panther music in the background.

Pink Panther Theme Song

Thanks Henry Mancini
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Had a really enjoyable visit in Canterbury today at the french chain.The fillet steak was absolutely succulent and gorgeous. The fondant chocolate dessert was indulgently seductive and yummy. A glass of Rioja and a coffee finished it all off nicely. Sometimes covert shopping is ace.

C'est magnifique!

Now,the next visit is either one in Herne bay or two at Bluewater.
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At Bella Italia we started with a beer ,had some nibbles, the mini ciabatta bites ,and selected the house red wine - Barbera - hints of wild berries,violets and spice.

Mike had a delicious looking pepperoni pizza whilst Phil and i had the spicy Pacheri Calabrese.

Paccheri Calabrese is -
Pasta tubes in a fiery tomato sauce, spicy ‘nduja sausage and pepperoni from Calabria, chicken, Luganica sausage, roasted red onion and green chilli, with cooling mascarpone.
{Taken from their website}

It was brilliant as you can see here in my photo. Graeme had a carbonara.  For  sweet Mike and i  had the Cioccolato Fondant. A
warm chocolate fondant with a molten centre, honeycomb gelato, crushed amaretti biscuits and caramel sauce. Utterly divine!

Finished with a coffee. I had a puff on the pipe outside whilst Phil was back on his phone again - lol!

I cannot remember what Leslie had though.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. I think i must have have fell asleep a few times as Phil drove back to Kent.
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After the long and enjoyable day i had yesterday i took the opportunity to have a lie-in this morning.

I woke up at eight , had a cuppa,and then went back to bed to listen to Radio4 Extra's Halloween special.

Fascinating documentary on BBC Radio 4 Extra on EVP - Electronic \voice Phenomenon - and other spooky observations as well as creepy stories.

I have burnt some Wizard's Spell incense to create an atmosphere in the room as well.

Lunch was a chestnut mushroom soup followed by Chicken Korma and a tasty chocolate cheesecake.

In Canterbury i try to avoid popping into Waterstones but tesraesay i succumbed and bought this book -

Later tonight i will be trying out the Bourne flea pit cinema to watch Dr.Strange..This will be the first time i have been to this independent cinema.


Oct. 28th, 2016 07:37 pm
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Just had a lovely evening meal at 'Spoons in Maidstone. Freshly battered fish and chips with peas, two beers and a sticky toffee pudding with custard to finish. I was not going to have a dessert but i succumbed - like the seduction in Waterstones earlier.
Yes,i bought a book there!
I love these shops!
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I was rudely awoken by the alarm i forgot to switch of this morning - hence the animated gif in the previous post. I fell back into bed and slept for a further two hours.

For lunch i had a very delicious and tasty spinach and ricotta pizza followed by a bowl of fresh fruit.

I was going to visit Canterbury but i have decided to move the job to Tuesday when i will be doing a coffee shop and a pub drunk and food visit as well as a charity shop visit.

So it is another day of relaxing and reading.
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Done all four visits today , Brighton and Eastbourne, and just finished a tasty burger dish for dinner.Not the most healthiest i know but the Ultimate Burger at Spoons is just that.

I guess i will be back home at around eleven.
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Arrived in Maidstone and on my way down to Brighton. I needed a pit stop for some food ,so i am having an egg and sausage muffin with coffee at that famous M place.

The bus from Sittingbourne was jam packed.I was lucky to get a seat.
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As i intimated the other day i wanted pancakes this week and so i had this morning pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. A great start to the day.

This is a pic of the free  lunch i had yesterday from the pop up kitchen at the Quays.This is set in stone every Tuesday now until Xmas.

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Today i did a food and drink visit  on the  island  in Sheerness. I had lamb shank with roasted veg and washed down with a pint of Exmoor Gold (4.5 % ABV) and a craft ale - Blue Moon - a wheat beer (5.4 % ABV).The lamb was very succulent.

I then popped over to Faversham to get some pipe tobacco and enjoy the lovely sunshine that we are having at the moment.

I then went back home and read another book and lustened to another radio drama.


Sep. 25th, 2016 08:47 pm
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Another fine day. I had a relaxing day,reading and listening to radio drama and then watching a documentary on the iPlayer.

This morning i had eggs on toast ,not roast, (thank you [livejournal.com profile] coming42 for pointing out that gaff| ! )

For lunch i had a mackerel salad with a hint of celery , nuts and fruit salad mix that i bought at Aldi.

The local church in East Street sent us a care package of free stuff donated by their patrons, and hence i picked up two oranges, some satsumas, a tangerine , two plums and a couple of apples.The plums are already taking effect, since whist i love them they do not love me, and hence , i am expelling gas that would send a rocket to the Moon.

I also listened to a number of radio dramas such as Le Carre's A Murder Of Quality , and a Dick Barton Special Agent one from the BBC's extensive past.

Hammer Films did a few Dick Barton films -

Dick Barton At Bay (1950)

Dick Barton (Don Stannard) and Snowey are forced into action once more when an undercover agent (Patrick Macnee) is murdered while passing on a coded message. A chilling new invention capable of producing a "death ray" has been stolen by the Russians. Barton is forced to fake his own death in a race against time to recover the device from enemy hands...

Dick Barton Strikes Back (1949)

The mysterious and sinister Fouracada (Sebastian Cabot) arrives in England, capturing the attention of the country's top agents. Soon the bodies are piling up and Barton (Don Stannard) and Snowey have another mystery to solve as the population of entire villages are being wiped out, their brains dehydrated and shrivelled without a mark left on the bodies. What device could be capable of such destruction? And can it be stopped?

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Something must be up with LJ - been trying to get in but the timer just keeps going round and i get timed out. Anybody else had that problem today?

So i am using the testy back-up of DW.

Another fine day in the Bourne. Watched some Charmed,listened to some music, had a paperback come through the post this morning paid for by the large gift voucher i had some months back.

Did some reading, washed some clothes, and soon will be tucking into a pizza.

Then i will probably watch some quiz shows,Eggheads or University Challenge or listen to the radio via the net, or a podcast.

Yesterday for lunch and for a change i had some stir fry veg and bamboo shoots with egg fried rice. There is a useful wok in the kitchen are of our dorm which made light work of the cooking. It was very delicious.

Right,lets get that pizza!

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Well,after a night in which it rained and a dull overcast morning, the afternoon has been gloriously sunny again. Temperatures rose to around a comfy 21 degrees C by the time i had finished my last visit.

I took advantage if the engineering works on the rail system and did a supermarket visit in Strood this morning and then a factory discount store in the Isle of Sheppey. I then decided to nip over to Canterbury for the rest of the afternoon and all journeys were gratis.

I really did enjoy the pigs livers last night ,but i still love the lambs liver i had previously.The difference is in the strength of the taste. Both are dirt cheap to buy and make great comfort food.

I had the lambs liver with cheesy coleslaw and potato salad. I had the pigd liver with potatoes. Tonight it might be a fishy dish.
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Don'r look so stiff lads!
Graeme,me and Phil at the Evening Star.

Mike, Greame and Phil - taken with the camera phone

This is the ale i had.

Evening dusk towards Golden Hope Sittingbourne.

Lunch was at the excellent Bella Italia in Brighton. We had the Roma style pizza. Very filling indeed.

Journey down to Brighton was slow going with the rain thia morning but the weather had cleared abd became sunny whilst we were at the restaurant.  Bro gab me some more books to read, another Sony mp3 player and a new camera which i need to read the very thick manual before i get use to it, 

Journey back home was easier and Phil an i arrived in the Bourne just after six pm.
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Despite them cocking the order up i had a lovely gammon egg and chips meal today at the supermarket cafe on the island just outside of Queenborough.

That was the only visit i am doing today as now i ma in Faversham for the weekend hop festival. The weather is sunny and warm, unlike yesterday which was decidedly cold and dull.


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