Jul. 14th, 2017 05:56 pm
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It was a wonderful relaxing day ending up in a meet with Phil at our local Spoons pub last night. Today i am back tn the fray again.Having done two visits already,one in Hempstead Valley and a pub food and drink visit in Maidstone , soon i shall be heading off to Canterbury via Faversham.

I have received for payments from companies i work for as well.So i have ordered this box set (on Amazon) of all of Ornette Coleman's Atlantic Recordings.

Beauty is a Rare Thing: The Complete Atlantic Recordings

Ornette is mentioned in the Wire Primers book ,and this set is highly recommended and only £26! This is one of the six discs on the set - which can be purchased individually, Free Jazz LP.

Ornette Coleman ~ Free Jazz

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Time for a music post methinks - all artists that i got to know through Wire magazine.

Barry Guy - After the Rain: III. Antiphon

Performed by the City of London Sinfonia. Conducted by Richard Hickox.

More avant music )
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Another great jazzman passed away this week, Ornette Coleman - so as a tribute to him here is one of hs finest compositions.

Ornette Coleman - Lonely Woman

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Another mixed bag of tracks from the collection -

First track is from a CD  I have had for many years  and coincidentally there is an article about the guy in the current Wire mag, so here is one of the sound sculptures from my CD -

Harry Bertoia - Unfolding

He called his constructions sonambient sculptures.

A member of the AACM is Muhal Richard Abrams and the title track from Blu Blu Blu.

Next up, Usha Uthup and Fever, from the "Usha in Nairobi" LP that i sold today.

And finally the Roscoe Mitchell Sextet - Ornette

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I was listening to BBC Radio 6 earlier this day. Iggy Pop has a two hour radio show and today it was called "Sax In The City", which was mostly all jazz. I really enjoyed the programme. Here are just some of the tracks he played, all from hs own personal collection. What a cool dude -

Pharoah Sanders - Upper and Lower Egypt Part 2

Dexter Gordon - Scrapple From The Apple

Archie Shepp - Blase

That last track is so powerful, free jazz at its most eloquent.


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