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It was a wonderful relaxing day ending up in a meet with Phil at our local Spoons pub last night. Today i am back tn the fray again.Having done two visits already,one in Hempstead Valley and a pub food and drink visit in Maidstone , soon i shall be heading off to Canterbury via Faversham.

I have received for payments from companies i work for as well.So i have ordered this box set (on Amazon) of all of Ornette Coleman's Atlantic Recordings.

Beauty is a Rare Thing: The Complete Atlantic Recordings

Ornette is mentioned in the Wire Primers book ,and this set is highly recommended and only £26! This is one of the six discs on the set - which can be purchased individually, Free Jazz LP.

Ornette Coleman ~ Free Jazz

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Couple of jazz tunes for you -

Neil Ardley - The Dong With The Luminous Nose

Ivor Cutler narrates this Edward Lear poem.

Don Rendell / Ian Carr - Dusk Fire

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A much warmer and sunnier day in the end and tomorrow will be as good from the forecasts. I will be travelling early to do a coffee shop visit in Canterbury, then up to Whitstable for a food retailer visit and then Ashford for a pub food and drink visit.

So an earlier night to bed.

A couple of CD's came in the post today - three classic jazz albums -

I have listened to both already .. excellent British jazz from the sixties and seventies.
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Another dank dreary day in which we had a combination of cold winds, rain and occasional sleet Bitterly cold infact.

So after the lie-in and a quick nip to the supermarket to get some food the rest of the day has been spent listening to music, the radio or reading.

Oh and i also received through the post yesterday a CD by Spring Heel Jack called Amassed featuring Han Bennink , Evan Parker, John Edwards and Matthew Shipp amonst others.

One of the tracks from the album.

Spring Heel Jack - Lit

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More jazz flavours now -

Hampton Hawes - Pink Peaches

More jazz here )

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So as it is a Sunday here is a mixed bag of chilled out grooves -

Cassandra Wilson - Harvest Moon

More music here )

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So today's selection is inspired by my haul of jazz CD's found -

Archie Shepp - Naima

More jazz here )

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I did not get to the city centre when i arrived in Canterbury because the supermarket is a direct line south away from the centre going to Wincheap end of the city and is a fifteen minute walk each way from the rail station. Once i had done my mystery shop i just caught the train back to Sittingbourne. I can always visit the centre next week as now i have no more work till after Xmas.

On the way to the city i did have a good forty minutes in Faversham (awaiting trains) which gave me time to look around and i am glad i did.I popped into the Fleur Bookshop on the pretext that i was buying a book and amazingly found eight jazz CD's for 50 pence each!

Image may contain: 4 people

Some of these are well over ten pounds even second hand so i was gobsmacked by my good fortune.
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So, after such a downer of a day some music to lift things backup again - and WiFi everywhere tonight seems to be so slow and crap -

To Rococo Rot -Speculation Ship

More music here )

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I also picked up the December issue of Wire,and as well as the interview with Shirley Collins last month they have given a full page review of the CD Lodestar by her this month. She still lives in the county town of east Sussex,Lewes.

Amongst other reviews is one of the Norwegian metal band Wardruna.

So here are some Wired sounds -

Shirley Collins - Washed Ashore, Lodestar album launch

More Wired grooves )
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Another clutch of tunes -

Iron and Wine - Love Vigilantes

More Grooves here )
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Following on the BBC Radio 3 River of Music day on Sunday of continuous music.

More musical bifurcations -

Henry Purcell - Passacaglia from King Arthur

An astonishing performance by the English Concert and Choir, conducted from the harpsichord by Trevor Pinnock, shining with emotional and technical perfection. I felt nothing but pure euphoria when listening to their recording of Henry Purcell's semi-opera King Arthur, Z 628, 1691, and especially from the hauntingly beautiful Passacaglia from Act IV.

More music here )
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Another musical journey - and this is a genre hopping one-

Hildegard von Bingen - O Jerusalem aurea civitas

More music here )
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Time to funk it up a bit

Fela Kuti Africa 70 and Ginger Baker - Let's Start

Originally recorded in 1971 and 1978 by Fela Kuti’s band, Africa 70, with the addition of former Cream drummer Ginger Baker, this album contains 4 songs plus a bonus track 16-minute drum duet between Baker and Africa 70’s drummer Tony Allen recorded at the 1978 Berlin Jazz Festival.
Let’s Start: ‘Let us start what we’ve come into the room to do’ is telling it as it is — graphic explicit sex. Sung in Yoruba with some broken English explanations, Fela calls on his partner in the room to get on with it, ‘don’t play the innocent…let’s start! Take off your clothes! Let’s start!’. The recording has Ginger Baker, of the former English pop group ‘Cream’ playing live as guest drummer on some tracks like Let’s Start, in place of Tony Allen, the regular drum player in Fela’s Africa 70 band. The Album titled ‘Live with Ginger Baker’ was recorded in the sixteen track mobile studio Ginger Baker sold to Polygram Nigeria in 1976.

More grooves here )
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More jazzy tunes from the spimmeister.

Sonny Sharrock - Who does she hope to be?

More jazzed up stuff here )
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As it is Sunday a mixed bag of grooves -

Jacqueline Taïeb - 7h du matin

More music here )
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Hello you groovy kids more spaced out and jazzy vibes for cuddling your ears - Jazzy D is in da house.

Starting with this awesome rare groove - it is soooo laid back and funky.

Julius Brockington - Forty Nine Reasons

Plus ten more grooves )
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Friday night and more funky and spaced out  jazzy grooves -

Wolfgang Dauner Quintet – Unwii

More grooves here )
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Think i need a musical diversion -

Basil Kirchin - The New Breed (Full)

More grooves here )
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More library music from the Music De Wolfe label - more cool and funky grooves -

Alan Parker - Rumpus

More library music grooves )


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