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For today the music i have selected ,and still on a Brasilia theme is the debit album by Dom Um Romao which i found in a charity shop in Gillingham. for just 50 pence - and what a great album it is.

Dom Um Romão - Dom Um Romão

"Dom Um Romão" (1990), compiles two previous albums by Muse - "Dom Um Romão" (1974) and "Spirit of the Times" (1975). This record was latter re-issued by Vogue (Samba de Rua, 1990), 32 Jazz ("The Complete Muse Recordings", 1999) and Savoy ("Complete Muse Sessions", 2010).

Dom Um Romão (1974)
00:00:00 Dom's Tune
00:08:43 Cinnamon Flower (Cravo e Canela)
00:13:45 Family Talk
00:19:31 Ponteio
00:25:40 Baun-Blek-Blu
00:30:23 Adeus Maria Fulô

Spirit of The Times (1975)
00:38:30 Shake (Ginga Gingou)
00:41:27 Wait on The Corner
00:47:38 Lamento Negro
00:51:32 Highway
00:55:53 The Angels
00:59:53 The Salvation Army
01:03:52 Kitchen (Cosinha)

My CD copy is a European edition.


On the French Vogue label it  is called "Samba de Rua" Same tracks but different cover.
Between 1971 to 1974, he was a member of Weather Report.

Great find though!

More Jazz

May. 4th, 2017 11:30 pm
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Yep,more jazz - as i know some of you like my jazz posts -

Graham Collier Music - Song Three (Nine - Eight Blues)

Sun Ra - That's How I Feel

Kenny Garrett - Oing Wen

Track No. 3 from Kenny Garrett's remarkable album: "Beyond The Wall". My personal favorite, right there with Kiss to the Skies. Enjoy

Kenny Garrett - Alto Saxophone
Pharoah Sanders - Tenor Saxophone
Mulgrew Miller - Piano
Bobby Hutcherson - Vibraphone
Robert Hurst - Double Bass
Brian Blade - Drums

The singer is Nedelka Echols on this track.

Carmell Jones - I'm Gonna Go Fishin'

Joe Chambers -- The Almoravid

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More jazz flavours now -

Hampton Hawes - Pink Peaches

More jazz here )

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So today's selection is inspired by my haul of jazz CD's found -

Archie Shepp - Naima

More jazz here )

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I also picked up the December issue of Wire,and as well as the interview with Shirley Collins last month they have given a full page review of the CD Lodestar by her this month. She still lives in the county town of east Sussex,Lewes.

Amongst other reviews is one of the Norwegian metal band Wardruna.

So here are some Wired sounds -

Shirley Collins - Washed Ashore, Lodestar album launch

More Wired grooves )
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Another clutch of tunes -

Iron and Wine - Love Vigilantes

More Grooves here )
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Soon i will doing my usual long form play lists here - coming soon as they say - okay now. Have not done one for ages.

Just like to point out that Wish_list is still going if you need anything. It helped me last year so i am hoping to get something from it this year.

Buffy and Angel are there in the list somewhere.

Meanwhile, a smorgasbord of  musical bifurcation -

Elias Rahbani - Dance of Maria (1974)

More grooves here )
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Now before i say good bight fiveslabs of jazz -

Mark Murphy - Sconsolato

More slabs here )
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More jazz grooves - aren't you lucky people!

Stanley Cowell - Come Sunday

Stanley Cowell - piano ;
Cecil McBee - bass ;
Roy Haynes - drums ;
Kenneth Nash - percussion ;
Terry Adams - cello ;
Nate Rubin - violin ;
Robert Mandolph, Linda Mandolph, Judy Lacey - vocals.

Written by Duke Ellington.
Arranged and conducted by Stanley Cowell.

More jazz here )
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Bobby Hutcherson, the jazz vibraphone and marimba player, passed away this month on the 15th. Here is some of his oeuvre -

Bobby Hutcherson - Hangin' Out (With You)

More jazz here )
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Six top notch jazzy tubes -

Gil Scott Heron - Winter In America

Winter in America is a studio album by American soul musician and poet Gil Scott-Heron and musician Brian Jackson, released in May 1974 on Strata-East Records. Recording sessions for the album took place on three recording dates in September and October of 1973 at D&B Sound Studio in Silver Springs, Maryland. The album served as the third collaboration effort by Scott-Heron and Jackson following the latter's contributions on Pieces of a Man and Free Will. As the first record produced by the two musicians, it was also the first of their work together to have Jackson receive co-billing for a release. The album features introspective and socially-conscious lyrical content by Scott-Heron and mellow instrumentation and soundscape stylistically rooted in jazz and the blues, which produced a fusion of bluesy jazz-based vocals and Jackson's free jazz arrangements. The album is also one of the earliest known studio releases to contain proto-rap elements such as a stripped-down production style and spoken word-vocalization.

More jazz flavours here )
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Monday night feels like a jazz night to me - blue Monday music perhaps.

Sphere - Inside Ourselves

Recorded live on June 28, 1970.
Bass -- John Dana
Drums -- Jimmy Pelus
Electric Piano -- Keith Vreeland
Producer, Engineer -- Bud Spangler
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone -- Larry Nozero
Trumpet, Flugelhorn -- Eddie Nuccilli

More gorrovy jazz here )
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As it is Sunday it is time for some cool jazz music -

Black Renaissance - Black Renaissance (part 1)

More jazz here )
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Here is a mixed bag of grooves for your ears - and as you know folks music keeps me sane.

The Dramatics- In The Rain

Classic sweet soul from the seventies!

More grooves here )
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Some more cool chilled out jazz grooves -

Pharoah Sanders - Equinox

More cool jazz here )
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Some Cool funky jazz and soul for the groove fest today- the emphasis is on quality ,man.

Mark Murphy - On The Red Clay

More quality grooves )
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More very rare jazz stuff including some sitars and way out grooves -

Harry Beckett - Rolly's Tune

A 1970 classic from the Barbados-born trumpeter, arranged by Graham Collier taken from the album Flare Up. This is essential for anyone interested in British jazz: the triple-sax front line is comprised of John Surman, Alan Skidmore and Mike Osborne, with Chris Laurence and John Webb on bass and drums alternately, Frank Ricotti on vibes and congas, and John Taylor's uncredited Fender Rhodes piano.

Even more jazz here )
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Some post midnight folk , jazz, and such genre melting tracks -

Richie Havens - Something Else Again

More music here )
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Well folks, just finished watching the two hour doc on Miles Davis. Fascinating biography and wonderful clips from his early start through the late fifties through to the nineties. He was always pushing his sound forward and changing the music periodically from hard bop, then a cooler sound to the more choppy jazz rock influenced period and to the funk fusion of the seventies, funk grooves of the eighties, and finally hip hop.

Miles Davis: The Miles Davis Story [DVD]

Miles Davis - Tutu (Live)

Miles Davis - Miles Runs the Voodoo Down - 8/18/1970 - Tanglewood

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I enjoyed that last lot of musical grooves so here is some more -

Norman Connors - The Creator Has A Master Plan

More music here )


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