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May. 4th, 2017 11:30 pm
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Yep,more jazz - as i know some of you like my jazz posts -

Graham Collier Music - Song Three (Nine - Eight Blues)

Sun Ra - That's How I Feel

Kenny Garrett - Oing Wen

Track No. 3 from Kenny Garrett's remarkable album: "Beyond The Wall". My personal favorite, right there with Kiss to the Skies. Enjoy

Kenny Garrett - Alto Saxophone
Pharoah Sanders - Tenor Saxophone
Mulgrew Miller - Piano
Bobby Hutcherson - Vibraphone
Robert Hurst - Double Bass
Brian Blade - Drums

The singer is Nedelka Echols on this track.

Carmell Jones - I'm Gonna Go Fishin'

Joe Chambers -- The Almoravid

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More jazz grooves - aren't you lucky people!

Stanley Cowell - Come Sunday

Stanley Cowell - piano ;
Cecil McBee - bass ;
Roy Haynes - drums ;
Kenneth Nash - percussion ;
Terry Adams - cello ;
Nate Rubin - violin ;
Robert Mandolph, Linda Mandolph, Judy Lacey - vocals.

Written by Duke Ellington.
Arranged and conducted by Stanley Cowell.

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Bobby Hutcherson, the jazz vibraphone and marimba player, passed away this month on the 15th. Here is some of his oeuvre -

Bobby Hutcherson - Hangin' Out (With You)

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Six top notch jazzy tubes -

Gil Scott Heron - Winter In America

Winter in America is a studio album by American soul musician and poet Gil Scott-Heron and musician Brian Jackson, released in May 1974 on Strata-East Records. Recording sessions for the album took place on three recording dates in September and October of 1973 at D&B Sound Studio in Silver Springs, Maryland. The album served as the third collaboration effort by Scott-Heron and Jackson following the latter's contributions on Pieces of a Man and Free Will. As the first record produced by the two musicians, it was also the first of their work together to have Jackson receive co-billing for a release. The album features introspective and socially-conscious lyrical content by Scott-Heron and mellow instrumentation and soundscape stylistically rooted in jazz and the blues, which produced a fusion of bluesy jazz-based vocals and Jackson's free jazz arrangements. The album is also one of the earliest known studio releases to contain proto-rap elements such as a stripped-down production style and spoken word-vocalization.

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Six more quality jazzy grooves -

Adele Sebastian - Day Dreamer

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Some Cool funky jazz and soul for the groove fest today- the emphasis is on quality ,man.

Mark Murphy - On The Red Clay

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More post midnight cool grooves - three cool ones.

Tarika Blue- Dreamflower

Lonnie Liston Smith - Summer Nights

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Liquid Love

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Gave not done a music post for a few days so here is one -

Kool & The Gang - Wild & Peaceful

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Penultimate  installment of rare or rarefied jazz -

Graham Collier Sextet - Down Another Road (1969)

On the Nucleus tip, combining jazz with beat driven groves, this LP works well. The track included here is the title cut with John Marshall on drums.

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Here we are with the next installment of classy rare as hen's teeth jazz vinyl stuff -

Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of Breath - MRA

McGregor had a particularly hard time in the UK with his band of African Jazzers although highly acclaimed his first line up disbanded before McGregor went on to form a new group…The story of what happened to some of the guys playing in his first line up and this ‘new’ line up is tragic…Nevertheless this LP, produced by Joe Boyd, does have some fine moments although can be a bit of a wig stretcher, for some at least but not me. The track ‘MRA’ by Dudu Pukwana’ is a solid township groove with a similar feel to Latief’s ‘Sister Mamie’.

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More very rare jazz stuff including some sitars and way out grooves -

Harry Beckett - Rolly's Tune

A 1970 classic from the Barbados-born trumpeter, arranged by Graham Collier taken from the album Flare Up. This is essential for anyone interested in British jazz: the triple-sax front line is comprised of John Surman, Alan Skidmore and Mike Osborne, with Chris Laurence and John Webb on bass and drums alternately, Frank Ricotti on vibes and congas, and John Taylor's uncredited Fender Rhodes piano.

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Funky Jazz

Mar. 17th, 2016 12:45 am
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Plus a few funky jazzy tunes.

Lonnie Liston Smith and The Cosmic Echoes - Voodoo Woman

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Just a few more tunes to see the witching hours in.

Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five

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Some top natch jazz piano now - well JAZZ is my first love.

Dudley Moore Trio - Amalgam

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The final few now from the vinyl stuff -

Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu - Dede

More jazziness from Finland with Jimi Tenor.

PLUS - Put Everything Together

French jazz funk soul.

Placebo - Showbiz Suite

Belgian jazz fusion.

Cortex - Chanson D'un Jour D'hiver

Such a fine piece of music.

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And here be more -

The Five Corners Quintet - Three Corners

Joe Harriott & Amancio d'Silva Quartet - Jaipur

Mike Westbrook Concert Band - Original Peter

Eero Koivistoinen - Hot C

Hot jazz from Finland.

Timo Lassy & José James - Ya Dig

Enjoy !!
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More jazzy roooves now -

Louiz Bannks - Song For My Lady

The Freedom Sounds featuring Wayne Henderson - Behold The Day

Doris - Don't

and finally in this section -

Richard Evans feat. Inda Williams - Capricorn Rising

I love that last catchy tune - and what an LP cover!
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>. and they keep on coming..

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Eclipse

Bobby Patterson - Patterns

Now  here is something quite differwnt from Belgium circa sixties, opera jazz anyone?

Raphael - Hommage to Kabylie

Finally, my fave Ninja Tune lable geezers -

The Cinematic Orchestra - Necrology

Yo, enjoy the grooves!
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Some mo' jazzy grooves

Plus - Enjoy Yourself

Jazz Funk from Belgium, featuring players from Marc Moulin's PLACEBO / Sam Suffy, and El Chicles / Nico Gomez crew.

Jacob Collier - Don;t You Worry 'Bout A Thing

Barbara Ann feat. Lisa Fischer and Cindy Mizelle - Elements Of Life

Snarky Puppy - Amour T'es La

Love it. Enjoy


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