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Some pics i took with the Nokia today -

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The central Xmas tree in Fabersham.

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Walking down Preston Street to West Street in Faversham.

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A new vinyl only record shop in Canterbury.

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 A busker in Canterbury with home made guitar.  Reminds me a bit of Seasick Steve and his home made guitars.

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Denuded trees in Canterbury looking spooky and a bit evil, a bit like the Ent in Lord of the Rings.
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Another awesome pic from Phil this time of our enjoyable excursion in Brighton. This was taken at the Mesmerist. Whisky in hand of course!

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I have been net free most of the day just reading or relaxing.I also did some clothes washing this morning and then listened to the radio. I also caught up with some of my TV series,and in particular The Flash and Supergirl

I am looking forward to Thursday for the monthly lunch club meet upin Brighton.

I must also thank the anonymous person who paid my LJ account for a year.

Meanwhile,some pics from Friday.

Docklands Light Railway station

Outside the shopping malls at Canary Wharf. I wanted to capture the shapes of the buildings against the wharf.
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Before i catch my bus /train combination back home here are some pics from Brighton today.

Street musicians -mariachi style,

Frontage of the Churchill Square Mall

The back alley towards the Evening Star pub.

Outside the Evening Star.


Oct. 20th, 2016 10:18 pm
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A couple of recent self portraits.

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The morning was spent listening to the radio and reading - waiting for the free lunch midday.

I also had some money unexpectedly come in from one of my research companies.This bode well for the day ahead.

Lunch was either macaroni cheese or pasta with meatballs.I had a bit of both and it was followed by a very tasty apple crumble and custard.

Then in the afternoon i took a train over to Rochester to do a charity shop visit. O purchased a winter pullover and a book.

I then popped into 'Spoons for a few beers and tried three other beers from their current festival.

Woodfords Norfolk Bowman (5.0 % ABV)
Adnams Sloe Porter (5.0 % ABV)
Trunan's Sampson Strong (5.8 % ABV)

They are also doing these Halloween based cocktails - if you are into that sort of thing - i am not.

I also took some more pics around the town.

The museum was not open but there was a very interesting installation in the art gallery, called Occupation - works by Steve Mace. Link here -


The Eagle Inn have great live jazz on Sundays ,so i might just visit that establishment one weekend.

The final pic was taken on the train leaving Rochester heading Chatham way.

An enjoyable day indeed.
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Time for some pics i should have posted from last week -

These are from Bromley last Thursday.

More pics here )

A big 9-0!

Oct. 17th, 2016 06:55 pm
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Lorna's mum has reached the great age  of 90! Here is a pic of L and her mum.

and another one.

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Some more pics from yesterday -

I had the fillet of steak.

Followed by this very delicious chocolate fudge brownie and topping.

More pics here )
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I took these with the Nikon yesterday.



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I took these when i was on the island at Queenborough today.

The nearby Queenborough station. 
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The afternoon was quite sunny and i was quite happy potting around Canterbury today.

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Don'r look so stiff lads!
Graeme,me and Phil at the Evening Star.

Mike, Greame and Phil - taken with the camera phone

This is the ale i had.

Evening dusk towards Golden Hope Sittingbourne.

Lunch was at the excellent Bella Italia in Brighton. We had the Roma style pizza. Very filling indeed.

Journey down to Brighton was slow going with the rain thia morning but the weather had cleared abd became sunny whilst we were at the restaurant.  Bro gab me some more books to read, another Sony mp3 player and a new camera which i need to read the very thick manual before i get use to it, 

Journey back home was easier and Phil an i arrived in the Bourne just after six pm.
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After my visit ti do the lunch i ended up in Faversham Not realising that it was the Hop Festival. The town was busy,there was live bands and musicians in the streets and lots of stalls, including one where you could sample many Kent brewed ciders. I think it was the cider that got me almost kegless.

That stall had some really great tasting ciders.

There was morris dancers and food stalls.
The weather that started sunny had gob=ne overcast when i arrived in the town but luckily it did not rain too much - just minor spits occasionally.

I also had a couple of cheap ales,Rockin' Robin and Hopdaemon.

So here are the rest of the pics under the cut.

More photos here )

It was a fun day all round.
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I took these yesterday afternoon as the weather was really nice!

Swans and mallard ducks Canada Geese enjoying the day,

Cool Dude

Aug. 20th, 2016 11:50 am
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The cool dude that is my bro - from four years ago.
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If there is one maxim about interviewing in a busy public space it is that it is will be a bit of a slog, and so it was, although achieving 12 interviews over the six hour shift was quite good. It was all about the retail establishments at the station. At least the app for it was working fine on my smartphone.

So here are some pics -

Walking down Victoria Street this morning.

The location where i was.
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I took these whilst in Tonbridge yesterday late afternoon.

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I am now full, as i just done a Spoons visit in Maidstone as part of my mystery shopping trips today.The other was a mobile phone shop visit in Ashford.

In the pub i had their buttermilk coated chicken burger, a beer and a cappuccino. Basic but tasty.

I also took a few snaps as it was another fine warm sunny day.

The truncheon girls were fun to watch!
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Well in the end i did not go to Rainham but Faversham - this was around three in the afternoon after i had a cheeky pint at Spoons. I sold a few paperbacks , bought some pipe tobacco and took some snaps.

Faversham West Street around six in the afternoon. 


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