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O have just finished my second and last visit of the day , so nothing till at least the third day of the New Year.

I had the succulent lamb shank with mash , roasted suede swede and carrots in a rosemary sauce gravy. Washed down with a Blue Moon craft ale and a pint of Kelham Island Pale Rider (5.2 % ABV)

Pale Rider

Now , back to the Bourne.
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So, after a coffee and some weetabix, i watched a few episodes of Charmed and finished reading another book, then listened to the radio. I also listened to some of the CD's i found cheap in Faversham.

I have a feeling there is still some work out there as one of my companies have some outstanding visits left , so we shall see.

Last night Phil and i were at our local Spoons pub. They had Black Sheep Riggwelter back on tap (5.9 % ABV).

It is a term from sheep husbandry - Riggwelter means – a sheep that has fallen onto its back and is unable to get up (usually because of the weight of its fleece).
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Had a lie-in after watching a few episodes of Babylon 5 on a DVD box set i found in Faversham the other day. I did a couple of supermarket visits in Rochester and Strood today and just finished the reports.

As usual being a weekend it is engineering works on the rail system which meant a replacement bus ride between Rainham and Strood. It also compounded by Rochester heaving with traffic and people due to the Dickensian Xmas Festival this weekend.

Tonight the weather has dipped below zero and it is very chilly out there. I am in the comfort of a pub as the Quays WiFi , for whatever reason,does not like my LJ. They also have a real fire making it even more cosy!
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Arrived back from London sometime just before 10 pm and dived into the local Spoons for a refreshing drink.I have a feeling Phil might join me.
Tomorrow Canary Wharf end of the city.
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All the visits have been completed and the last one done around 5 pm and now i am quietly enjoying a pint of beer at The Cornfield Garage pub - yep Spoons pub - and finishing off the last two reports.Soon i shall be making my way back to the Bourne. The beer i am drinking is the stunningly delicious Abbott Reserve (6.0% ABV).

These five visits are worth £50 to me and now that i have done all eight Google visits across Kent and East Sussex is a cool eighty quid plus all the other companies i work for such as PiP six phone shop visits at ten quid a pop - plus expenses.

Also,fingers crossed - i may get some more London based TFL jobs worth £65 - £80 per six hour shift - two shifts - will know more Monday.

Monday i have five visits all in Ashford for yet another company.
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Just four visits done today - one in Chatham, one in Gravesend and two in Dartford,where i am at the moment composing this blog entry. I have found another Spoons pub called The Flying Boat where beers are just £2.15 a pint!

Time to do these reports now.
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We had a good journey down to Brighton today.We arrived half anhour before the Evening Star pub opened,so me and Phil went round for a little walk in the North Laines.

The lads had the usual Hophead and i had the Dark Star American Pale Ale.Then for the second round i decided i must try the Kissingate Murder of Crows barley wine on draught.A whopping 10 % ANV!

The likely lads in The Evening Star pub.

After that we all walked down to Bella Italia for the lunch.
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The lads were having a pint or two at the Sun Inn when they arrived. Phil has been working today and arrived around three rather than two in the afternoon.I am in the Leading |Light already. Just onto my second pint/
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Today i did a food and drink visit  on the  island  in Sheerness. I had lamb shank with roasted veg and washed down with a pint of Exmoor Gold (4.5 % ABV) and a craft ale - Blue Moon - a wheat beer (5.4 % ABV).The lamb was very succulent.

I then popped over to Faversham to get some pipe tobacco and enjoy the lovely sunshine that we are having at the moment.

I then went back home and read another book and lustened to another radio drama.
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I have now completed watching Season 10 of Supernatural and already onto the second episode of Season 11. For a series that i started half heartedly to watch i am now quite hooked.

When i was at the pub ast night it tried the latest Sixpoint Craft beer - Sixpoint Resin (9.1 % ABV)!!!

Infact i did not go to Canterbury today but will be doing some Asda store visits tom morrow and Monday.Decided to take the day off after the long day yesterday. Contingent with that is the weather is dull and overcast, threatening to rain , and full of malediction.

Anyway,i have books to read - here are the ones i found yesterday.

If anybody is interetsed in purchasing books off me just message me.

Right folks,a tittle bit more reading now.
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I was watching some Charmed on DVD and then i thought - heck i need a beer - so here i am - just arrived in the local Spoons pub. It has been a windy , albeit a very windy day, but has become somewhat quiescent this evening. We had some precipitation but not too much and we still have a full moon. It looked lovely last night but clided over this evening. Lycanthrope tendencies apart, i am not howling at the moon.

For dinner i bought some smoked peppered mackerel going cheap and a salad with it. It was a bargain in the supermarket at only 66p instead of £2.05 0 and it was delicious.
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I am now full, as i just done a Spoons visit in Maidstone as part of my mystery shopping trips today.The other was a mobile phone shop visit in Ashford.

In the pub i had their buttermilk coated chicken burger, a beer and a cappuccino. Basic but tasty.

I also took a few snaps as it was another fine warm sunny day.

The truncheon girls were fun to watch!
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Still alive. Long day having fun yesterday and recovery this morning lol! I was going to go ver to Faversham so i might pop over to Rainham in a few minutes. Lunch today was a chicken pilau rice dish which i had at midday - one of these  microwavable ones from Iceland stores.

Last night we were at the local Spoons having drinks and a curry , except  for Graeme who had gammon egg and chipa. Barry the Train joined us but as he had eaten at  the Ypes Tavern he just had drinks.

Anyway here are some pics taken with the phone camera -

The guys checking in at their hotel.

More pics here )

The ....

Aug. 1st, 2016 05:53 pm
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Golden rule of all micro pubs -

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Left early this morning to get over to Sheppey to do my supermarket visit - i had missed the 0730 bus so i walked to the local rail station and went via train to Queenborough. I took a couple of snaps there.

I then caught the bus down to Hailsham via Tunbridge Wells to do my shoe repair shop visit and then back up to Heathfield to do my original factory store visit where i purchased an indulgent Thornton's Special Toffee Chocolate Bar! Guilty pleasure indeed!

I am currently in Tunbridge Wells at the Opera House enjoying a Sixpoint Bengali can - top notch New York craft beer!

Meanwhile , talking of opera here is the opening scene from John Adams' opera "Nixon In China"

John Adams - Nixon In China (Opera): Act I Scene 1 - News

John Adams's first opera Nixon In China, produced by Peter Sellars, with libretto by Alice Goodman, about the visit of Richard Nixon to China in 1972, where he met with Mao Zedong and other Chinese officials.
Act I Opening -
The opera begins at Beijing Airport. As the soldiers wait, an airplane taxis and lands on the stage - the Nixons and Henry Kissinger disembark and are greeted by Chou Enlai. As Nixon is introduced to various Chinese officials by Chou, he sings of his hopes and fears for his historic visit.

Will post later when i get home. 
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So, denizens of the LJ universe, what did i do today.

Well, i first potted over to Dover midday, known for its white cliffs sung in songs of yore. I had a mystery shop to do in a factory outlet near the harbour. I had to pretend i was buying a classy item for a female friend as it was a store or concession for that designation. As it was a purchase and refund visit i did not mind and,as the fact the fee was tripled due the research company needed it to do done by bank holiday Monday just coming, my eyes wizzled, and  i grabbed it.

Naturally i took some pics but as i also did a pub visit in Hernia Herne Bay , and a few pints if beers to boot, i shall upload all photos tomorrow.

I did find this book for a quid in Dover -

Might be a cacophony of terms but in my chaotic dissonance and calming assonance i am certain the book will be invaluable.
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Left the village at around eight thirty this morning. I had three visits to do in Hastings and Eastbourne, but first i needed to stop in Faversham for some pipe tobacco.

I had a couple of chatty shops, a supermarket cafe, and a jewelers to covertly visit. So at the moment i ma in Tunbridge Wells having a much needed pint of beer at The Bedford before i continue my journey home.
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So as i was saying in the last blog i had these two pub visits to do, the first was in Eastbourne. There i had the new buttermilk cheese burger with chip washed down with a pint Mordue Wheat beer (4.5 % ABV) and the new Hogsback Hopping Hog IPA bottled craft ale (5.4 % ABV).

I did not finish all the chips though.

Then it was on to Hastings via the 99 coastal bus route. The John Logie Baird is so named ecause of the famous Scottish engineer and innovator. He was one of the inventors of the mechanical television, demonstrating the first working television system on 26 January 1926, and inventor of both the first publicly demonstrated colour television system, and the first purely electronic colour television picture tube.

In later years he ived in Bexhill-On-Sea , which is just a few miles from Hastings.

So at the pub i had the Vegetarian Wellington with garden peas and mashed potato, and i did manage to finish all of that, washed down with another Hogsback Hopping Hog IPA and a pint of Birrificio Italiano Bibock (6.2 % ABV).

Once done, it was then the slow haul back to Kent. Yep, a long day, but very satisfying one.
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Due to the weekend engineering works on our local rail network i caught a bus replacement from Teynham station at a few minutes before eight and then the standard bus route down when we arrived in Sittingbourne. I had a quick pit stop at The Opera House in Tunbridge Wells before travelling on to Brighton. Arrived midday and did my first mystery shop in Churchill Square.

Outside Churchill Square shopping centre.

The same jazz band were still playing from the last time i came down to sell some CD's in Hove.

I met up with L for a coffee break after my phone store visit. She was meeting one of her friends as she manged to get most of the bank holiday off from working except for Monday. It was

We both waited for a bus to take us along the Western Road, she to her friend and i onward to Hove to sell my bag of CD's at Fine Records. Julian took about half of them for which i got £25, and on my bus journey back to Brighton via the upper route, which was less busy, i alighted at Brighton rail station and walked down Trafalgar Street. I popped into Wax Factor and sold some more CD's for a fiver.

I was heading along the North Laines toward Across The Tracks , but it was way too busy inside with collectors and buyers and my usual buyer was not around. I ended up getting rid of the rest at Cex in Eastbourne. With the money from L and the satisfaction oif some decluttering ,it was a good day.

So onward to Eastbourne and Hastings for the two pub visits.
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Today i did three visits in Deal and then Dover, being a phone shop, a shoe repair shop and a factory shop. On the way from Deal toward Dover i stopped in the hamlet of Walmer just south of Deal.It was quite sunny so i took a few snaps.

Main road through Walmer.

I also found a another micro pub called The Freed Man. Had a half of Hopdaemon Dominator (5.1 % ABV).


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