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The rest of the day has been spent listening to the radio, or reading ,or listening to music. I am thinking of watching the Beasts film tonight and if not it will be back to watching more DVD's of Babylon 5 from season 4.

There are two other films i want to see - Arrival , and A Street Cat  Named Bob Film.

Image result for bob the cat film

A Street Cat Named Bob  movie trailer

Test Cards

Apr. 18th, 2016 08:04 pm
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Does anyone remember this on our TV screens?

Test Card F was a test card that was created by the BBC and used on television in the United Kingdom and in countries elsewhere in the world for more than four decades. Like other test cards, it was usually shown while no programmes were being broadcast. It was the first to be transmitted in colour in the UK and the first to feature a person,and has become an iconic British image regularly subject to parody.

The central image on the card shows eight-year-old Carole Hersee (born 1958) playing noughts and crosses with a clown doll, Bubbles the Clown, surrounded by various greyscales and colour test signals needed to ensure a correct picture. It was first broadcast on 2 July 1967 (the day after the first colour pictures appeared to the public on television) on BBC2.
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So Sarah Michelle Geller is going to star in a Cruel Intentions TV series and resuming her role as Kathryn. i wonder if this is a good move for her.

Meanwhile the ending of the original 1999 film with the music of The Verve "Bittersweet Symphony" in the background.

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Another crappy rainy morning but at east it wa a drier afternoon.

Last night i watched the latest episode of Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D and a film from the 90's called Practical Magic starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. in it
Bullock and Kidman play sisters Sally and Gillian Owens, who have always known they were different from each other. Raised by their aunts after their parents' death, the sisters grew up in a household that was anything but typical—their aunts fed them chocolate cake for breakfast and taught them the uses of practical magic. But the invocation of the Owens' sorcery also carries a price—some call it a curse: the men they fall in love with are doomed to an untimely death. Now adult women with very different personalities, the quiet Sally and the fiery Gillian must use all of their powers to fight the family curse and a swarm of supernatural forces that could take away all the Owens' lives.

Practical magicposter.jpg

It was an enjoyable fluffy romantic comedy type of film.
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Had a nice cup of breakfast tea this morning and then listened to Radio 4 about the core of the Earth, the core of the universe and the core of stellar formation which was fascinating.

After lunch i had some Xmas pudding whilst cousin was around his girlfriend's place and her kids having their Xmas dinner. I was listening to some jazz of course, and nursing this cold with a hot toddy, that is a whisky based one. Then later on, cheese and biscuits with some Taylor's port.

Last night i watched the Doctor Who Xmas special which i thought was quite entertaining and then a few couple of episodes from Agents of SHIELD second season, which i have seen before, and completely finished watching the fifth season of True Blood.

Today i might just watch some episodes of Charmed or complete that seventh season of Buffy again. For now i will do some reading.

Meanwhile i have been watching these two links to Shannen Doherty's FB page and her family dinging - with a few quick scenes of the beauty that is formerly known as Prue halliwell.


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I am definitely looking forward to this -

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I just caught up with Sleepy Hollow. I keep forgetting it is aired on Wednesday nights. I then watched BBC 4 with the programme Brian Cox : Space Time and Videotape, and recorded The Day After Tomorrow - Into Infinity ,starring Brian Blessed , and The Day The Universe Changed , in which James Burke reflects on the series and looks at the many theories and systems of belief that have been disproved.

I was going to watch them, but i need to get some sleep soon.
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Last night i watched the full Farscape - The Peacekeeper Wars on You Tube, the 2004 film after the end of the TV series. Now i have read an article going back to Feb. of this year that there could be a possible come back for the series featuring the son of Chrichton and Aeryn Sun. I do not hold much hope but secretly wishing that it would come to fruition. I loved that show. Link here -



SF Classics

Jul. 6th, 2014 03:23 pm
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I have been watching some very old Dr. Who programmes this morning , right to the beginning An Unearthly Child and the one which got wiped, well many episodes got wiped then, in particular The Web Planet which introduced the Zarbi and the Menoptera. At the time this was the most expensive production Verity Lambert's team had done. Looking at it now it seems so antiquated and shoddy, but then as a kid back in the early sixties it was terrifying.

I have started reading Larry Niven's classic science fiction novel "Ringworld". It has been one of those stories i have always wanted to read but never got round to. I just hope that the hype this book has received does not disappoint. I am currently half way through it.

The other classic SF novels i have on my reading list are -

Kurt Vonnegut - The Sirens Of Titan
Olaf Stapledon - Star Maker
Philip K Dick - Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
Philip K Dick - Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said
Daniel Keyes - Flowers For Algernon
Arthur C Clarke -The Fountains Of Paradise

So far, i am really enjoying the Niven book.
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They are repeating the classic Bob Peck nuclear waste drama The Edge Of Darkness on BBC 4 and the first episode was this evening.

It is a classic 1980s conspiracy thriller set in a world of obsessive state security and political power play. Ronald Craven, a Yorkshire policeman is investigating a union election scandal when his daughter, Emma, is shot and killed in front of him. Learning of his daughter's involvement in an ecological group and absolutely determined to trace her killer

Music Ho!

Jun. 30th, 2014 06:41 pm
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I walked into Sittingbourne this morning as it was bright sunny day despite some ominous clouds. It did rain during the afternoon whilst i was in the Office.

Picked up a cheap classical CD for 25 pence from the Demelza charity shop , Gliere's  Symphony No. 3 by the Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Donald Johanos (Naxos) . He is a composer i know very little about except that he was a Russian composer. It will be interesting to what it sounds like but for now i am enjoying the Haydn two CD disc of The Creation i picked up for £1.50.

I do love baroque music on original instruments . i am a real sucker for it. I m ust try to get to Cranbrook village one day as they have a charity shop full of classical music CD's for a quid each.

Tomorrow a trip to Faversham is in order to unload more unwanted stuff. Well needs must as they say.

I watched some of the Glastonbury weekend. I thought Dolly Parton was terrific as too were Metallica and the Daptone Soul tent was a real treat. Quality funky soul music.


Jun. 24th, 2014 10:53 pm
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It got quite dark at tea time after being a sunny day. We had some rain but i didn't hear any thunder. That might still happen.

I have been catching up with the last two episodes of The Big Bang Theory , stumbled over some conundrums in Only Connect, and puzzled over the connections in the Round Britain Quiz  on BBC Radio 4.

Some of the connections in Only Connect were fiendish except for the physical constants which followed a pattern of  E F G and H  I got Planck's constant correct , as all these are the four fundamental constants of nature.  The others are the elementary charge (E) , the Faraday constant { the magnitude of electric charge per mole of electrons }  and the Gravitational constant.

There was a music link in the radio quiz which i deduced correctly as having the name Howard linked to them , such as Howard Goodall (Vicar Of Dibley theme )  and Howard Shore (Lord Of The Rings composer) and the other Howard being Catherine Howard (fifth wife of Henry VIII).

OK, now my brain hurts so off to bed.

Hack It

May. 20th, 2014 10:51 pm
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I was watching Warehouse 13  (series 5) on the SyFy channel and i thought to myself i cannot hack this anymore. I am beginning to wish that Haven was back on. So midway through it i turned the telly off, and i am going to watch some episodes of Numbers on a DVD set of series four.

I shall come back to blog tomorrow. Oh and i have some visits in Deal and three in Medway (Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham). Good night,


May. 20th, 2014 09:55 am
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So last night i watched four episodes of Spooks Series One on DVD.  This is about MI 5 and not ghostly apparitions. Although you could argue there is a similarity as they lie between binary opposites being of a spectral nature, that is there / not-there or   dead / alive , much like a zombie. Just to say that it was a great BBC drama.

This DVD set was one of those found on my last charity shop visits, actually in Tenderden.
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Wow. Just watched the latest installment of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D  in which Sky and Ward are in a coffee shop or restaurant and Coulson;s amazing flying car. Definitely  one of the best shows on TV at the moment. Well, that is , until the new season of Doctor Who. I am trying not to get too excited but the anticipation is palpable.

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Yeah , i know. That pun of this month  is well known but i could not resist it.  It has been a day of reading and then catching up with TV programmes  in particular, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D , which has a gripping dark edge to it, and i was shouting at the screen for Sky not to let that turncoat into the secret Canadian basement. I get so wrapped in it.

I also watched the last part of Rule Britannia !  Music, Mayhem and Morals In the Eighteenth Century on BBC 4 which showcased Handel's Messiah and Haydn's Creation plus this original British bawdy version of the Star Spangled Banner -

The song was written for the Anacreontic Society, probably around 1771. The tune is now thought to have been written "collectively" by members of the society, led by John Stafford Smith. The society met every two weeks to get drunk, sing songs and to indulge in some debauchery. Anacreon himself was a Greek poet from about 570BC who was noted for his erotic poetry and his drinking songs. Here is the full lyrics of the song.

To Anacreon in Heav'n, where he sat in full glee,
A few Sons of Harmony sent a petition
That he their Inspirer and Patron would be;
When this answer arrived from the Jolly Old Grecian:
"Voice, Fiddle, and Flute, no longer be mute,
I'll lend you my name and inspire you to boot,
And besides I'll instruct you, like me, to intwine
The Myrtle of Venus with Bacchus's Vine."
The news through Olympus immediately flew;
When Old Thunder pretended to give himself airs.
"If these Mortals are suffered their scheme to pursue,
The devil a Goddess will stay above stairs.
Hark, already they cry, in transports of joy,
Away to the Sons of Anacreon we'll fly,
And there with good fellows, we'll learn to intwine
The Myrtle of Venus with Bacchus' Vine."
"The Yellow-Haired God and his nine fusty Maids
From Helicon's banks will incontinent flee,
Idalia will boast but of tenantless shades,
And the bi-forked hill a mere desert will be.
My Thunder no fear on't, shall soon do its errand,
And dam'me I'll swing the Ringleaders I warrant.
I'll trim the young dogs, for thus daring to twine
The Myrtle of Venus with Bacchus's Vine."
Apollo rose up, and said, "Pry'thee ne'er quarrel,
Good King of the Gods, with My Vot'ries below:
Your Thunder is useless" — then showing his laurel,
Cry'd "Sic evitabile fulmen[7], you know!
Then over each head, my laurels I'll spread,
So my sons from your Crackers no mischief shall dread,
Whilst, snug in their clubroom, they jovially twine
The Myrtle of Venus with Bacchus's Vine."
Next Momus got up with his risible Phiz
And swore with Apollo he'd cheerfully join —
"The full tide of Harmony still shall be his,
But the Song, and the Catch, and the Laugh shall be mine.
Then, Jove, be not jealous of these honest fellows."
Cry'd Jove, "We relent, since the truth you now tell us;
And swear by Old Styx, that they long shall intwine
The Myrtle of Venus with Bacchus's Vine."
Ye Sons of Anacreon, then join hand in hand;
Preserve Unanimity, Friendship, and Love!
'Tis yours to support what's so happily plann'd;
You've the sanction of Gods, and the Fiat of Jove.
While thus we agree, our toast let it be:
"May our Club flourish happy, united, and free!
And long may the Sons of Anacreon intwine
The Myrtle of Venus with Bacchus's Vine."

Note - Myrtle translates to clitoris in the song. Told you it was bawdy.

Top Telly

Apr. 27th, 2014 01:30 am
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Caught up with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , and what a corker it was. I will not spoil it for anybody who has not seen the latest episode but i will just say, the traitor in the midst is not whom i thought it was. That is all i will say.
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From You Tube part one of the Hitch Hikers Guide from the classic BBC TV series - Enjoy!

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I have been catching up on some telly as it has been a damp squid of a day, that is, after the football fans have watched their stuff. In particular, Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and The Tomorrow People. Okay, i am being doggedly persistent trying to believe that TTP might improve considerably but it hasn't and i still find myself using the remote to flick through most of it. However, with the former programme i am constantly glued to it, and i am sure will feel withdrawal symptoms when the season ends.

I also watched on catch-up the second part of the series on 19th Century music. I had not realized that William Herschel, a famous German astronomer, also wrote concertos and symphonies. He was a true polymath. Here is a movement from his Symphony No. 8

You learn something every day , and thus i shalt look  out for his music on my travels.


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