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Some of the rarer LP's that were not sold the other day.

All keepers.Thus a selction of tracks from each -

Charles Tolliver and Music Inc - Effi (Live)

More jazz here )
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Well, i had not realized it was Faversham Transport Festival weekend and i did not bring a camera. All these old buses. Mind you i did take plenty of pics from the previous year.

I sold the records i took, half which were 12" singles. Filled a hessian shopping bag and i guess it was around thirty items, but they had not sold on Discogs for over a year. i got ten pounds for them, so not a bad day.

Next to sort out are the 45's and some CD's. This i will do tomorrow. It is hard jetting rid of some of them but it has been done now.

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Zaf Loves Vinyl record collection interview at The Boiler Room. features Joni Mitchell and Prince.


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Today was a free journey around Kent via the rail network and a walk to Sittingbourne. I was going to sell some books but after a visit to the Citizens Advice Bureau in Sittingbourne i ended up in Rainham and found four LP's for fifty pence each.

So a bit of a punt on them. Nothing over a fiver so no great earthshaking sales. At least i sold four LP's to a guy in Italy today and posted a cheque from the company i did the video mystery shop for.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sallymn for poitig out this link to me -

1,000 Hours of Early Jazz Recordings Now Online: Archive Features Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington & Much More


.. and them some more by myself -

Jazz Archive from 1960’s London Clubs


And if you still have vinyl and love vinyl -

How much might your old LPs be worth?

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Visited Faversham and Canterbury today. Sunday lunch at the Leading Light for one of my companies and a charity shop visit in Canterbury.
 Had a very tasty roast lamb dish at the pub.

At the charity shop, after making a donation of old books i could nit sell anywhere else, i picked up two pieces of vinyl and a CD for three quid.

These are

Marvin Gaye - Midnight Love (CBS LP)
Sade - Promise (Epic LP)
Dixie Chicks - Home )Open Wide CD  + DVD limited edition)

Apart form a dull wet morning the rest of the day was quite mild and occasional sunshine.
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I tend to agree.
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Featured in the current Wire magazine was the usual section of the best reissues as well as the releases of 2015. One of them they highlighted was this to die for box set of Harmonia.

Unboxing Harmonia - Complete Works, limited edition box set.
Released in October 2015 on the label Grönland from Herbert Grönemeyer.

Harmonia was a Krautrock supergroup consisting of: Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius of Cluster and Michael Rother of NEU! In 1976 they were briefly joined by Brian Eno.

The Vinyl Box Set contains:
- 6 vinyl lps (one record previously unreleased)
- a 36-page booklet
- a concert poster
- a pop-up and a digital download code

The box set contains the following records:

Musik von Harmonia
Harmonia Live 1974
Harmonia & Eno '76 Tracks And Traces Reissue
Documents - 1975 -

Joys ...

Jan. 2nd, 2016 07:50 pm
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The joys of vinyl - gatefold sleeves, tangible records.

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A few more old LP's dug out and played -

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Post midnight grooves -

Rose Royce - Magic Touch

The Stairsteps - Tell Me Why

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - The Third Eye

Eddie Hazel - California Dreamin'

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Been having a blast playing some old vinyl LP's by such acts as The O'Jays, Syreeta, Jon Lucien, Charles Earland, Daryl Hall and John Oates, and Quincy Jones. As such here is a selection of tracks from some of these albums.

Jon Lucien - You're Sensational

Quincy Jones - Theme From "The Anderson Tapes"

The O'Jays - I Love Music

Hall and Oates - Kiss On My List

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An afternoon and evening of digging out some classic vu=inyl grooves from the bag.
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More cool jazz now.

Tommy Smith - Follow Your Heart


I have been listening to the vinyl LP, and it is one of my favouirte albums.

Johnny Dankworth - Libra


From the LP "Zodiac Variations"

Dave Brubeck Quartet with Carmen McRae - Weep No More


Stan Kenton - September Song


All from the vinyl collection.
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Rediscovering music with the lovely donation from [livejournal.com profile] cmcmck , so this is what i have played so far vinyl wise.

Trouble Funk - Still Smokin' 12"
Odyssey - Don't Tell Me Tell Her 12"
Stone City Band - Ladies Choice 12"
Al Green - Full Of Fire LP
John Knogos - Kongos LP
Tommy Smith - Peeping Tom
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I was going to exclude Strood form my visits today, but needed doing it , leaving Maidstone for tomorrow. I did a number of supermarket visits in Queenborough, Sheerness and Strood picking up some coffee, mature cheddar cheese and a ready meal for myself.

Whilst in Queenborough found a couple of CD's at a quid each in Poundland.

The Breeders - Last Splash
Amp Fiddler - Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly

Then in Rainham ,on the way to Strood, picked up a few more free vinyls from that lovely record shop. All 12 " singles.

JellyBean - Who Found Who
Rose Royce - Magic Touch
Detroit Spinners - Love Is A season
Chuck Jackson - All Over The World
Keith and Darrell - Work That Body
Herbie Hancock -Rockit / You Bet Your Love
Stone City Band - Ladies Choice

Some great soul funk and disco tunes in there, which i will post up later.
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Here is another massive vinyl collection by Disco Patrick.


Thanks to Masa Sutala for the link.


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