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Time to fly home. Blessed be!
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witch halloween witches halloween gif witches brew

Tonight is the night. Boo!
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Are you a moon person or a sun person?
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Will you be watching any horror or supernatural films this weekend , and if so which ones?
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That special night is almost here  -

page wicca paganism

Blessed be!
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tara maclaytara maclayrose mcgowan charmed witches alyssa milano piper halliwellwitch charmed powers prue halliwell pruecharmed piper halliwellcharmed piper halliwellcharmed piper halliwell

What supernatural power would you have and why?
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pitch black

Have you ever had a clairvoyant reading or used an astrologer?
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emibob paint craftic paint party paint brushes

I had a dream about rotating circles.
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community online lake etc ny

Do you feel the spirit of this most occult month?
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The Simpsons lisa simpson upset season 20 episode 4

Do you follow a wiccan or pagan religion?
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A black cat friended  me today.She was gorgeous. 
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Have you ever cast a spell or made a potion?
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One day this month i must have a pumpkin pie.What about you?
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Seeing this has made me wonder and hence i pose this question.
Have you ever taken part in ballet or had any ballet training?
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Borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] spikesgirl58.

Have you ever visited a 'real' haunted house as opposed to one created for the season?
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movie witch candles the craft crystal ball

Have you ever used a crystal ball?

pumpkin halloween jack o lantern pumpkins

Have you ever cut out a pumpkin? Do you have pumpkin in recipes for this month?
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september 23 2015 wiccan moonsongrose mcgowan charmed witches alyssa milano piper halliwell

This was the episode when Wyatt conjured a dragon from a TV show.

What, if you had the power, what would you conjure?
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Image result for animated wiccan  gifscandle the craft wicca wiccan witchrose mcgowan charmed witches alyssa milano piper halliwell

Have you been afraid of the dark?
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night blue dark moon fantasynecronomicon

Do you have a Book Of Shadows?


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