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O have just finished my second and last visit of the day , so nothing till at least the third day of the New Year.

I had the succulent lamb shank with mash , roasted suede swede and carrots in a rosemary sauce gravy. Washed down with a Blue Moon craft ale and a pint of Kelham Island Pale Rider (5.2 % ABV)

Pale Rider

Now , back to the Bourne.
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Whilst being chilly it was quite a nice sunny winter day.

I met L at her fave Starbucks coffee shop midday, and she gave me my Xmas present , Jumper and underpants from Next, and i gave her £20 to get a present for herself - as i had no idea what to get.

For Xmas i gave Mike a book based on Beethoven;s String Quartete - more about the journey of the quartets from a well renowned string quartet and their interpretation of the works.

I also gave him a book on classic British rail journeys amn a BBC radio drama adaption of one of John Le Carre's novels. Rosalind had an M&S voucher.

After our meet up i caught the 13:05 bus from Brighton and three buses later arrived in Sittingbourne for 5.30 pm. Unloaded my case, had a shower, then a coffee and then went out to have my evening meal at Spoons -a sirloin steak with peas mushroom and chips.
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I did not get to the city centre when i arrived in Canterbury because the supermarket is a direct line south away from the centre going to Wincheap end of the city and is a fifteen minute walk each way from the rail station. Once i had done my mystery shop i just caught the train back to Sittingbourne. I can always visit the centre next week as now i have no more work till after Xmas.

On the way to the city i did have a good forty minutes in Faversham (awaiting trains) which gave me time to look around and i am glad i did.I popped into the Fleur Bookshop on the pretext that i was buying a book and amazingly found eight jazz CD's for 50 pence each!

Image may contain: 4 people

Some of these are well over ten pounds even second hand so i was gobsmacked by my good fortune.
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Relaxing morning but now i will be off to Canterbury to do the final supermarket store visit.Bonus pay though!

It also gives me a chance to mooch around the city as it is a sunny mild day here.

Also more wages came in from ISC, ESA, MF and PiP resulting in a three figure boost. Plus that sneezing has gone, dosed myself up last night with remedies and that cold has been abated.

Before i go to the cathedral city just one more Xmas song to upload.
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A lovely full English breakfast this morning gave me a great start to the day. I have completed two visits already in Strood, then two in Chatham, one in Rainham and then down to Maidstone for a pub food and drink visit - finally an e evening supermarket visit in Canterbury. OMG that makes eight in total today!
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Well,all three visits and their subsequent reports are now done I picked up some pipe tobacco in Faversham and then waited for my connecting bus to Ashford - the ill number 666 bus!

It was a very mild day - approaching 15 degrees C by midday - and that are near the library is such a sun trap.hence i took two selfies.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, cloud, outdoor and closeup

Image may contain: 1 person

Once i did my other supermarket visit in Ashford i headed off to the cinema complex to watch the SciFi film "Arrival". I really enjoyed it,more brainier than some SCiFi fare on the big screen.

(from Google pages}

Linguistics professor Louise Banks (Amy Adams) leads an elite team of investigators when gigantic spaceships touch down in 12 locations around the world. As nations teeter on the verge of global war, Banks and her crew must race against time to find a way to communicate with the extraterrestrial visitors. Hoping to unravel the mystery, she takes a chance that could threaten her life and quite possibly all of mankind.

Here is a trailer for it -

Mild spoiler alert )
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Finished my two mystery shops today, the supermarket cafe visit in Dover and just a few moments ago the food and drink visit -my local Spoons no less.

Lunch was a beef roast and the dinner was an all day brunch without the eggs - because they had run out of eggs, so i will have to mark then down for that.

Anyway,managed to finish two thirds of another book i was reading on the train to Dover and back - free journey both ways btw!

Tomorrow more supermarket audits to be done,

On Sheppey

Dec. 10th, 2016 11:35 am
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Caught up with the latest episodes of Legends Of Tomorrow and Agents Of SHIELD last night, and hence the minor lie-in this morning. It is another mild but overcast days in which the temperature is around twelve degrees C.

I am at Queenborough ,on the island, having done a supermarket audit visit. I will be heading off to Medway to do four phone shop visits,and then end up with one more supermarket visit.

So a fairly busy day again.
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Had a lie-in after watching a few episodes of Babylon 5 on a DVD box set i found in Faversham the other day. I did a couple of supermarket visits in Rochester and Strood today and just finished the reports.

As usual being a weekend it is engineering works on the rail system which meant a replacement bus ride between Rainham and Strood. It also compounded by Rochester heaving with traffic and people due to the Dickensian Xmas Festival this weekend.

Tonight the weather has dipped below zero and it is very chilly out there. I am in the comfort of a pub as the Quays WiFi , for whatever reason,does not like my LJ. They also have a real fire making it even more cosy!
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I am currently in Canterbury having dome a cafe visit in side a supermarket I had their newly introduced lamb shank in mint favoured gravy, mashed potatoes and peas. Very delicious!

I am currently having a pint in Spoons doing my report befire i walk around the city for any inspiration with the camera.
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I have been net free most of the day just reading or relaxing.I also did some clothes washing this morning and then listened to the radio. I also caught up with some of my TV series,and in particular The Flash and Supergirl

I am looking forward to Thursday for the monthly lunch club meet upin Brighton.

I must also thank the anonymous person who paid my LJ account for a year.

Meanwhile,some pics from Friday.

Docklands Light Railway station

Outside the shopping malls at Canary Wharf. I wanted to capture the shapes of the buildings against the wharf.
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Well what a nice mild and sunny day. I will be traveling to London today to do a three hour interviewing shift at Embankment station - that is the lobby area near four shop locations - not the Underground itself. Then tomorrow I have a six hour shift at Canary Wharf station on the same subject. Tablet charged up with survey already - shift not till 5 pm. This means another three digit sum of income from these two days!
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So - in the end i did go and look around the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery - as i have not been inside it even though it has been open for five years now. It was well worth to see those great Tuner paintings and some of his contemporaries.

J.M.W. Turner - Margate Jetty

The other fascinating area was the video triptych installation by John Akomfrah called "Vertigo Sea". Here is a clip from the triptych.  Warning - some images may upset!

This is a sensual, poetic and cohesive meditation on man's relationship with the sea and exploration of its role in the history of slavery, migration, and conflict. Fusing archival material, readings from classical sources, and newly shot footage, the work explicitly highlights the greed, horror and cruelty of the whaling industry. This material is then juxtaposed with shots of African migrants crossing the ocean in a journey fraught with danger in hopes of ‘better life’ and thus delivering a timely and potent reminder of the current issues around global migration, the refugee crisis, slavery, alongside ecological concerns.

Shot on the Isle of Skye, the Faroe Islands and the Northern regions of Norway, with the BBC’s Bristol based Natural History Unit, Vertigo Sea draws upon two remarkable books: Herman Melville’s Moby Dick (1851) and Heathcote Williams’ epic poem Whale Nation (1988), a harrowing and inspiring work which charts the history, intelligence and majesty of the largest mammal on earth.

An interview link with the artist is here -


The art gallery is on the sea front but today was calm and a bit warmer than it has been of late.

On the way as i strolled down the road towards the gallery i inadvertently turned my head towards the collection of Victorian and Georgian architecture and noticed this -

Yep, i had to go in after my visit to the art gallery , and in fact it is a charity shop in an old bank, Looks very cool inside as well.

This red coloured building looked cool as well.

I love the clock on this building too.

So in the end a very good cultured day.

In Margate

Nov. 23rd, 2016 12:57 pm
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This morning i popped over to Margate to do the final visit for React this month - a supermarket audit and small purchase of food items. And the report is now done too. Might visit the Turner gallery as well.
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A couple of visits today here in the town. One done already and I will do the second after the free lunch today at the Quays.

And talking of free meals - yesterday in Ashford after doing the five visits I went to Spoons for a meal. I ordered the naked burrito with extra Angus beef shavings. After I paid for the meal and drink the manager came along to ,my table to say they had run out of the shavings and what other extra would I like instead, so I said "the five bean chili", which he said was a bit cheaper and that he would give me back the difference. He did this quite promptly. Anyway , the food comes ten minutes later but the order is wrong. The burrito is a wrapped version, not naked, so I sent it back. This time the manager comes out again with the correct order and my full money back for the inconvenience. The beer and meal in the end did not cost me a penny! What a result!

In Ashford

Nov. 21st, 2016 05:09 pm
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All five shops done in Ashford. One of them was the Spud U Like place,another the Lindt shop in which i purchased two luxury bars of choc- sea salt and chilli flavours,and then a visit to Gap,Reebok and Skechers.

The morning was quite wet and windy but then by the afternoon the sun had actually poked its head out of the clouds.

I had a call from one of other research companies to confirm the two London TFL jobs,one a six hour shift and the other a three hour shift.

Last night i finally got round to watching the first episode of Season 2 of Humans on Channel 4.
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All the visits have been completed and the last one done around 5 pm and now i am quietly enjoying a pint of beer at The Cornfield Garage pub - yep Spoons pub - and finishing off the last two reports.Soon i shall be making my way back to the Bourne. The beer i am drinking is the stunningly delicious Abbott Reserve (6.0% ABV).

These five visits are worth £50 to me and now that i have done all eight Google visits across Kent and East Sussex is a cool eighty quid plus all the other companies i work for such as PiP six phone shop visits at ten quid a pop - plus expenses.

Also,fingers crossed - i may get some more London based TFL jobs worth £65 - £80 per six hour shift - two shifts - will know more Monday.

Monday i have five visits all in Ashford for yet another company.
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Just four visits done today - one in Chatham, one in Gravesend and two in Dartford,where i am at the moment composing this blog entry. I have found another Spoons pub called The Flying Boat where beers are just £2.15 a pint!

Time to do these reports now.
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All my visits in Ashford have been done except for one - the charity shop one - the reason why is that i should have checked the location more closely - it was Ashford Greater London so i emailed React to reschedule it for somebody else Middlesex side of London. So in total five done, three Googles, a Molton Brown and a Tommy Hilfiger. Just one purchase visit today and it is this shower gel -

Molton Brown UK  Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Bath & Shower Gel
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Two supermarket audits done, Herne Bay and Margate ,p;us some free food from the M shops. Then this evening in Rochester i was having a steak and two eggs meal with chips.

A good day for covert shops. I need that pink panther music in the background.

Pink Panther Theme Song

Thanks Henry Mancini


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